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Elderbank Provincial Park to Dave's Landing on Wyse Rd.

One of our favorite trips! Approximately 2.5 hours of paddling time make this perfect for a half day paddle. Most people will complete this trip in 2.5 to 4 hours depending on boat, paddling speed, and number of breaks/stops. This part of the river is wide, deep, and slow moving. Water levels typically stay good all summer long. There is faster and more shallow water at the very beginning and near the end of the trip. This route primarily winds through the forest and is a great trip if you are looking to pitch a tent along the riverside with lots of options to choose from. Near the end of the trip you may see a herd of Highland Cows cooling off in the river.




Launch Location

Elderbank Provincial Park

Google Map Link


 Very popular river access point. Parking and bathrooms available on site. Bank can be muddy and steep at times depending on water levels.

Paddling Time

2.5 to 4 hours

End Location

Dave's Landing on Wyse Road

Google Map Link

Very popular river access point and our personal favorite. Good road side parking; wide shoulders and on a straight stretch. Nice sand bank that makes getting in and out of your boat a breeze.


~12.5 kms

Points of Interest

Elderbank Provincial Park

Beautiful forests

Wild riverside campsites


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