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Dave's Landing on Wyse Rd. to Crawford's Bridge

Our favorite trip! Approximately 4.5 hours of paddling time make this perfect for a full day paddle. Most people will complete this trip in 4.5 to 7 hours depending on boat, paddling speed, and number of breaks/stops. This part of the river is wide and deep and slow moving. Water levels typically stay good all summer long. You'll paddle past River Oaks Golf Course whose friendly golfers will often give a wave as you go by and get great views of Gibraltar Rock. This is a great trip if you are looking to pitch a tent along the riverside with lots of options to choose from after passing the Golf Course. There are well established wild campsites and unkept trails at Porcupine Grove leading to the Gibraltar Lake system (Check out our map). This trip can also be shortened by getting out at several points: St. James United Church, near the Gibraltar trailhead, and just down river from Porcupine Grove. For more info check out our map or ask us about customizing your trip.




We would rate this intermediate due to the length and the wind can present a challenge on the straight stretch near Gibraltar if it is blowing up river.

Launch Location

Dave's Landing on Wyse Road

Google Map Link

Very popular river access point and our personal favorite. Good road side parking; wide shoulders and on a straight stretch. Nice sand bank that makes getting in and out of your boat a breeze.

Paddling Time

4.5 to 7 hours

End Location

Crawford's Bridge

Google Map Link

Very popular river access point for both paddlers and fishermen. You can drive a vehicle down to the river under the bridge. There are parking spaces near the main road as well as by the river. There are rapids leading up to and under the bridge but easy to get out on the river side before. 



Points of Interest

Wild riverside campsites

Gibraltar Rock

Musquodoboit Trailway

River Oaks Golf Course

Riverside Oak trees

Beautiful forest


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